Australian Labradoodle Breeders – Sire

Eden Valley's Home Run Jeter ALAA #007963  AKA: Jeter

OFA hips Excellent
Elbows Normal
CERF Normal
PRA/DNA Negative

DNA colors:  Creams (variations), chocolates, blacks
Home Run Jeter is a creme wool coat male Australian Labradoodle, with a rose nose and rose feet.  He weighs 35 pounds and is 19" at the withers.  Jeter has the most fantastic personality imaginable, accented by his charm school quality manners.  He even prefers to ride in the back seat passenger side of the car like he is being chauffeured to his destination.

Jeter has produced a variety of colors, from creams, apricots, chocolates and blacks.

Home Run Jeter is available for stud service for approved ALAA pedigreed females.  Please call 352-636-1545 to make arrangements.


My duck.  My room.  I can stand here as long as I want!!!

Home Run Jeter and Bear Myth's Azula

Home Run Jeter's pedigree

Home Run Jeter's Pedigree

I want to hurry up and get out of here.  Thank you, Clipper Ship in Lake Mary, Florida!

I love to run and play.  I am active, and energetic.

Frisbee is my favourite game, and I'm working on catching it in the air.

Throw it! Throw it!  I promise I'll bring it back!